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Welcome on TRINET web portal (further on the web portal). The web portal is owned by Trinet Informatika, d.o.o. General terms in accordance with the rules in Slovenia are governing your access to the portal and its use, so please read them carefully before proceeding. Collection and usage of your personal information is defined in our Privacy Policy.


Contents of the general conditions of use of the web portal relates to the terms of use of the portal and represents a legally valid and binding agreement between the provider and portal users. Each user by entering the web portal agrees with the content of the conditions.

In order to adapt to legal, technological and technical changes, the web portal is constantly updated. End user is aware and agrees that the form and content of the portal is periodically changing without prior notice to him.

The provider reserves the right to change any part of the portal and the deletion of any part of the contents without prior notice to him.


The provider, owner and administrator of the web portal is Trinet Informatika, d.o.o., Leskoškova ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The user is every natural person or legal entity that visits web portal and uses some of the contents and services through web portal.


This web portal can be accessed at the following levels (see Price packages):

  • The level of free usage
    • Instant
    • Basic
  • The level of advanced use
    • paid access, the amount of yearly subscription depends on the number of documents created
      • Standard
      • Pro
      • Enterprise

The system can be unsubscribed as follows: send your request to unsubscribe via our support email:


This web portal is intellectual property of the company Trinet Informatica, d.o.o.. Every information, data, products and service description or other content, including software, are copyright protected. The users are not allowed to change, copy, distribute, transfer, show, publish, sell, license, change into derivative products or use any content or its parts which are accessible on the web portal or over it for commercial or public use.

Brands, logos and service marks (further on trademarks) shown on the web portal, belong to the provider or to the third person. The users are not allowed to use any of trademarks for any reason without the provider or third person-owner's permission.


Web portal is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We reserve the right to a short interruption in access to web portal due to technical reasons related to maintenance. Due to maintenance the provider reserves a right to the longer interruptions of access to web portal. The provider does not guarantee accessibility of the web portal at any internet provider's failure of network or in the case of other technical disruptions or interruptions of third parties and force majeure.


Certain areas of the web portal are password protected. Accessibility of those password protected areas and their use is allowed to authorized (registered) users. Against un- authorized users trying to accede to protected areas of the web portal, legal or other proceedings can be taken.


The content of the web portal is informative only. The provider does not take any liability for any errors in the content and correctness and accuracy of published data which possibly occur due to time discrepancy, data entry or other causes. The provider will take reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and currency of data and information on the web portal but is not liable and can not guarantee and takes no responsibility for the accuracy and integrity.


The provider is in no case responsible for any present or future damage arising directly or indirectly, of every, even accidental damage, including loss of profit, data destruction, that would occur due to use of the web portal, inability to use the web portal or by using any information, content, service, product, software acquired through the web portal.


The user commits that by using the web portal he is neither going to load or post links to files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other programs or content that may destroy or damage computer equipment of web portal or of other users nor interfere with the web portal in any manner that could change, remove or damage the published data.


The provider provides help and advice on using web portal, using e-mail: The provider will perform the assistance to the best of it's ability and will not be held liable for possible temporary inaccessibility of assistance and advice.


The provider reserves the right to the violating users to disable the access to the web portal. If the user causes any damage, he is also responsible for the damage itself, materially, morally and criminally. Please let us know about all kind of violation to the web provider on:


For all disputes connected with the use of the web portal or in any connection with it the court in Ljubljana and the Slovene law is competent.


These conditions may be changed without prior notice.


These conditions have been valid since May 25th, 2018.

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