CMR convention

The CMR Convention (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) regulates international freight transport of all types by road. It has been ratified by majority of European states in Geneva, 19th of May 1956.

CMR is used for freight transport by road when loading and unloading places are in two different countries, where at least one of them has to be a member of CMR convention, regardless of the company location or nationality of the parties involved. You can read more here and here.

An electronic version of CMR is being prepared (e-CMR) with instructions for freight data exchange between parties. E-CMR which meets all the provisions of the convention will be deemed as legally valid document and it will replace the paper form of the document. You can read more here.

CMR bill of lading

On the basis of the CMR agreement, the World's road transport organization defined a CMR bill of lading representing a contract between the consignor and carrier. It also serves as a proof of consignement delivery, a bill of transport costs, a guarantee for any damage, etc.

CMR must provide the following information: sender, consignee, carrier, accompanying documents, type of goods, quantity and vehicle registration marks. Usually it is fulfilled in three originals, one for sender and two for recipients, however the fourth copy is often used for the driver.


Transbook is an online tool which enables online CMR handling where you can easily create, edit, browse and print documents. For even easier and faster creation the application remembers the customers which are suggested on the next document. Additionally you can clone the entire document.

Transbook also enables multilanguage support.

Transbook as for now, enables you to create electronic document but e-CMR data exchange between other parties is not yet possible. E-CMR data exchange will be suported by Transbook as soon as e-CMR messages gets standardised and harmonized.

A beta version of the new Transbook application will also be released shortly. More information is coming soon.

Meanwhile you can create CMR online here.