Status of the CMR document and sharing of the CMR document with other participants in Transbook
Status of the CMR document

In order to facilitate monitoring of the stage (awaiting load, loaded, etc.) the CMR document now has a status:

  • To load (initial status)-> waiting for the goods to be loaded on the means of transport (action Load)
  • Loaded-> goods loaded on the means of transport or goods being transported (action Load)
  • Unloaded (final status)-> goods unloaded on the unloading place (action Unloading)
  • Not done (final status)-> cancellation of the CMR document or the carriage of goods was carried out (action Not done)

Actions for changing the status are on the top of the CMR document and are available depending on the current status of the document.

Sharing of the CMR document with other participants

Easily share CMR documents with other users who are involved in the processing of the shipment but are not part of your organization

  • Dispatcher
    • Preparing and editing of the document
    • Sharing the document with others
    • Sending the document by e-mail
    • Changing statuses
  • Driver
    • Review of the assigned documents
    • Edit the document, while it is being prepared
    • Changing the status of individual documents
  • Sender
    • Monitor the status of the shipment
  • Recipient
    • Monitor the status of the shipment

Sharing the CMR document can be carried out as follows:

1. Action Share document

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2. We put in an email address who we want to share with and determine the role (rights upon document). At the same time, it is possible to share to one person/organization. If we want to share several persons/organizations, then we repeat the process of sharing.

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3. After successful sharing person (organization) receives an email with a link to the document. If that person is not registered in Transbook yet, then the message also contains a link to the registration page which after that enables the view and monitoring of the CMR document through its status.

4. Role (rights upon document) can be edited and document can be unshared also. On the right side of the document there is a segment “Document shared to”.

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With a click on a “pencil” a window for editing of the sharing role pops up.

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