What's new in Transbook
New user experience

More modern graphic design and adaptation of the interface to all modern devices. Editing and viewing of the documents on all mobile devices will now be easier and faster.

  • Adjusted menus
  • Adjusted overviews
  • Adjusted input forms

mobile app
Search by address and map
map example
  • Faster entry of addresses
  • When entering an address, the application automatically offers choices of addresses, including location and country
  • Display of addresses on the map

Sharing of the CMR document with other participants

Easily share CMR documents with other users who are involved in the processing of the shipment but are not part of your organization

  • Dispatcher
    • Preparing and editing of the document
    • Sharing the document with others
    • Sending the document by e-mail
    • Changing statuses
  • Driver
    • Review of the assigned documents
    • Edit the document, while it is being prepared
    • Changing the status of individual documents
  • Sender
    • Review of the assigned documents
  • Recipient
    • Monitor the status of the shipment

show on map
Cargo manifest
prikaz na zemljevidu
  • Combining CMR documents by transport
  • Sharing the cargo manifest with the driver
  • Monitoring the status of the cargo manifest